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Hello ,

I have moved my blogsite to Google’s Blogger.


I have continued contributing good technical and informational blogs to http://thecrystalclouds.blogspot.in/

You can also use the Blogger tab above…


Please do visit and follow me on the new blog site to stay updated.


Sorry for any inconvinience caused. 🙂

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yoyoclouds: Creating A Local Yum Repository on CentOS

yoyoclouds: Creating A Local Yum Repository on CentOS.

Reducing the costs of I.T without reducing the functionally of your systems is one of the major obstacles to overcome. One of these costs is bandwidth.

One of the first bandwidth saving tips any organization should know is the importance of creating a local YUM repository on your LAN. Not only do you decrease the time it takes to download and install updates, you also decrease bandwidth usage. This saving will definitely please the suites of any organization.

This “How To” show’s you a simple yet effective way of setting up your local YUM server and client.

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E-Guide: Server Virtualization – Expert Overview of Costs, Trends, and More

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eGuide sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Intel

This expert E-Guide, brought to you by SearchServerVirtualization.com and Dell, provides an overview of the expenses associated with virtualization and highlights the virtual server trends expected for 2010. Gain insight into the tangible virtualization costs, and learn how to keep pace with the changing server virtualization market.

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E-Guide: Best Practices for Data Center Design and Maintenance

eGuide sponsored by Dell, Inc. and Intel



In this expert E-Guide, brought to you by SearchDataCenter.com and Dell, you will gain insight into best practices for data center design and maintenance in today’s down economy.

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yoyoclouds: Cloud Infographic: The Future Of The Cloud

yoyoclouds: Cloud Infographic: The Future Of The Cloud: Cloud Infographic: The Future Of The Cloud The Future Of The Cloud As barriers to entry lower and the benefits increase, an increasing amount of corporations are choosing to make cloud based solutions a part of their operating model. …

Learn All About the Amazon Simple Workflow Service – Two New Videos

Another great new post by Jeff, the voice may not be that great, but the visual is good…:

The Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) is used to power highly scalable distributed systems at NASA (case study), Sage Bionetworks (case study), and a number of our other customers.

In order to help you to better understand SWF, Balan Subramanian, SWF Product Manager, hosted an hour-long webinar:

Maxim Fateev, AWS Principal Engineer, spent another hour discussing the Flow Framework:


UCI Webinar – Amazon Web Services for JAVA Developers (YouTube)