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Learn All About the Amazon Simple Workflow Service – Two New Videos

Another great new post by Jeff, the voice may not be that great, but the visual is good…:

The Amazon Simple Workflow Service (SWF) is used to power highly scalable distributed systems at NASA (case study), Sage Bionetworks (case study), and a number of our other customers.

In order to help you to better understand SWF, Balan Subramanian, SWF Product Manager, hosted an hour-long webinar:

Maxim Fateev, AWS Principal Engineer, spent another hour discussing the Flow Framework:



UCI Webinar – Amazon Web Services for JAVA Developers (YouTube)

UCI Webinar – Amazon Web Services for JAVA Developers (YouTube).

Overview of Microsoft’s Windows Azure

Introduction of Microsoft .net Framework

AWS Cloud School – London May 2012

Hello world!

Welcome to thecrystalclouds!

I’m new to blogging and this is my very first post!!! Being in the cloud industry for more than 2 years, I have gained immense hands-on, practical knowledge to work things around the cloud!!! So, I have started writing this blog to share my experiences and tech bits with the world.

Feel free to comment and suggest changes. I’m always open for some productive discussions.

Let’s make the clouds crystal clear and fly freely in the vast space of the universe ! 😉

Happy blogging!

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